BBC Partners with Twitter, PVoD & the eSports Network

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Dr Marc C-Scott, a senior lecturer in screen media at Victoria University. Marc has written numerous articles for online publication including The Conversation, along with both television and radio media interviews.

In this episode we discuss BBC looking to Twitter to reach youth. Premium movie releases, The future of TV and Wearables, The state of the Internet, A-League comes to Ten and I have special guest Joel Collie from eSports Network.
(Recorded: Thursday 6th June, 2017).

Segment 1 – BBC to reach youth via Twitter
Twitter live streaming helps BBC engage UK youth

Segment 2 – Would you pay a premium to watch a new release in your home at the same time as its cinema release?
Without PVOD, movie industry treads dangerous path

Netflix, YouTube on STB cuts pay TV churn

Segment 3 – Future of TV add ons and wearables
LICKON predicts future of TV Champions League

Fashion and tech collide in this VR-friendly connected shirt

New gadgets and gimmicks to keep us watching sport live on TV

Foxtel Alert Shirt

Foxtel Alert Shirt

Foxtel launches game changing technology that physically connects AFL fans + Fox Footy lovers to their teams in a new app via CHE Proximity


Segment 4 – The State of the Internet. The central factor in this new media landscape.
Global Average Connection Speed Increases 15 Percent Year Over Year, According To Akamai’s ‘First Quarter, 2017 State Of The Internet Report’

Segment 6 – eSports and a new Australian eSports Network
– Special Guest Joel Collie 

The ESports Network (Website)

The ESports Network (Twitter)

Adelaide Crows buy professional Australian eSports team Legacy esports

eSports is a chance for traditional TV to show millennials that they share their passions

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