Netflix takes over cable, subscription overtakes FTA and VR with special guest Stephanie Andrews

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Dr Marc C-Scott, a senior lecturer in screen media at Victoria University. Marc has written numerous articles for online publication including The Conversation, along with both television and radio media interviews.

In this episode we discuss Netflix and how it could impact cable in the US and overtake box office spending. We talk about some recent developments in the Australian TV landscape, Fan reactions and 360video and we have a special guest Stephanie Andrews to talk 3D and VR.
(Recorded: 20th Tuesday June, 2017).

Segment 1 – Netflix to continued original spend and it take over in the US 
Netflix and Amazon ‘will overtake UK cinema box office spending by 2020′ US Netflix vs. US Cable

More Americans pay for Netflix than cable TV

Segment 2 – Australian TV and the impact of subscription and streaming
Ten Network’s problems are history repeating

With the rise of subscription and online TV, we need to rethink local content rules

Segment 3 – 360 Video and Fan reactions
San Francisco 49ers, Zeality Enable Fan Reaction To 360-Degree Videos

Segment 4 – VR and 360 with Special Guest Stephanie Andrews
Stephanie Andrews
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