So you want to be a Youtuber & streaming in the US

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Dr Marc C-Scott, a senior lecturer in screen media at Victoria University. Marc has written numerous articles for online publication including The Conversation, along with both television and radio media interviews.

In this episode we discuss kids new aspirations to be a YouTuber, a new approach to sports broadcast production in Australia, social media and the need for original content, 360video coming to your TV, Netflix tells us how we view their content, whilst iFlix makes a grab for live sports. I also have a special guest Chris Brantner to talk about cord cutting and the state of play in the US around cable, subscription TV, VoD and everything in-between 
(Recorded: Thursday 1st June, 2017).

Segment 1 – So you want to be a …… ‘YouTuber’
The Most-Desired Career Among Young People Today Is ‘YouTuber’ (Study)

What Twitter’s Future Could Depend On

Segment 2 – A new approach to Sports Broadcast Production in Australia……
Telstra inks production deal with Fox Sports across 29 stadiums

Segment 3 – Social Media platforms reimagining original content.
Snapchat Shows: Inside the Plan to Reimagine TV for the Mobile Era

Facebook to Pay as Much as $250,000 Per Episode for Originals

Segment 4 – 360 Video comes to the TV
Twitter for Apple TV adds live, 360 degree video and Periscope’s global map

Twitter’s live 360-degree videos arrive on Apple TV

Segment 5 – Netflix lets us know how we watch content, whilst iFlix has growth in MENA takes on sport.
Survey: Netflix #1 app for TV streaming

Netflix And Amazon Screenings Are Being Booed At The Cannes Film Festival

Netflix booed at Okja’s Cannes premiere

OKJA Trailer (2017)

Segment 6 – Cut Cable Today – Special Guest Chris Bartner
Cut Cable Today (Website)

Mr. Cable Cutter (Twitter)

CandW discuss why Q1 pay TV fall wasn’t due to cord-cutting

Millennials discover the joy of free-to-air TV

Why the 7M pay-TV subs that want to cut-the-cord don’t

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