Sports media for a (VR) crowd and Netflix booed

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Dr Marc C-Scott, a senior lecturer in screen media at Victoria University. Marc has written numerous articles for online publication including The Conversation, along with both television and radio media interviews.

In this episode we discuss sports media being more than the home viewers, watching video in a crowd, should sports broadcasts be free, the continued battle between traditional media and streaming and Netflix booed.
(Recorded: Tuesday 23rd May, 2017)

Segment 1- Sports Media is more than the home audience, there are people in the stands too?
Fans Can Soon Control Slow-Motion Highlights On Mobile After Neo 360 Tests Technology

AFLPA raises concerns about plan for broadcasters to show AFL player GPS data

Opta’s EVP Andrew Cox Dishes On Data’s Influence In Sports

neo 360 – Slow Motion Video Mobile Controller (iOS) (Andriod)

Segment 2 -Should Sports should be free…?
Champions League Final in VR on BT Sport

BT Sport offers free VR headsets

Segment 3 -Watching in a crowd?
MLB’s At Bat VR Provides Fans With Virtual Baseball Heaven To Watch Games, Real-Time Data

In Lieu Of Comments Section, YouTube VR App To Offer Co-Viewing Feature With Voice Chat

You’ll soon be able to have YouTube viewing parties in VR

Three ways social media can help broadcasters

Facebook Spaces: A New Way To Connect With Friends In VR

Oculus Rooms and Parties for Gear VR

Segment 4 -The Battle between tradition media and Streaming continues?
Life without pay TV now a viable option for many

Forget About the Internet, Network Execs Say—TV Is Still Where It’s At

Apple’s Original Content Push Could Snare a Former Hollywood Exec

Segment 5 -Netflix No.1 App for streaming
Survey: Netflix #1 app for TV streaming

Netflix And Amazon Screenings Are Being Booed At The Cannes Film Festival

Netflix booed at Okja’s Cannes premiere

OKJA Trailer (2017)

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