Streaming, price hikes and TV for your dog

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Dr Marc C-Scott, a senior lecturer in screen media at Victoria University. Marc has written numerous articles for online publication including The Conversation, along with both television and radio media interviews.

In this episode we discuss will the Internet be able to handle a Super Bowl audience, where is live streaming and where could it be going. Netflix testing a price hike in Australia, the massive audience growth in eSports and TV for your Dog. 
(Recorded: Tuesday 16th May, 2017)

Segment 1- Will the Internet be able to handle a Super Bowl audience in the future?
Internet to support Super Bowl sized audiences by 2022

Super Bowl LI on FOX is Most-Viewed Program in U.S. Television History

Seven most-streamed live events

Super Bowl Proves A Boon For Seven Ratings as 1.75 Million Aussies Tune In

nScreenNoise – live OTT video with no latency

Segment 2 – Live Streaming: Where is it and on what?
Most Millennials Have Watched Live Video Online

Meerkat built a new app in secret, and almost 1 million people are using it

HouseParty App Homepage

How NBA, MLB Teams Capture Unique Content With Snapchat Spectacles

Research: Just 1% of social video goes viral

GoPro: NHL After Dark with Evgeni Malkin – Episode 5

Segment 3 – Netflix Testing a Price rise
Australian Netflix users could be facing a price hike

Netflix experimenting with price hike for subscribers

Segment 4 – The Rise of eSports Viewers
IHS: Esports video market booming

Segment 5 – DogTV
DogTV – Website

Accedo unleashes DogTV on Amazon Fire, Roku

DogTV launches on DirecTV

Pet ownership statistics

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