VoD, original content, vertical video, UHD, the new Foxtel and Ten’s troubles

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Dr Marc C-Scott, a senior lecturer in screen media at Victoria University. Marc has written numerous articles for online publication including The Conversation, along with both television and radio media interviews.

In this episode we discuss Netflix, VoD and Apple’s Original Content and the cultural impact, Vertical Video and Ultra HD, Sport Data and Viewing Habits, the New Foxtel and could we being saying goodbye to Network Ten.
(Recorded: 14th Wednesday June, 2017).

Segment 1 – Netflix, VoD and Apple’s Original Content
Global SVOD’s assault on cultural identity

Netflix Chief Ted Sarandos Uncensored: Why Blockbusters Are Doomed (Exclusive)

Netflix CEO Offers Eyebrow-Raising Justification As Cancellations Increase

Analyst: Netflix to reach 128m subs by 2022

Netflix brand recognition 2X broadcast networks x-tv/Over half of Dutch viewers are binge-watchers

Apple TV’s first original content goes live

Segment 2 – Unboxing, Vertical Video and Ultra HD
Startup Led By Former Hulu CTO Looks To Cash In On YouTube Unboxing Videos

Study: Vertical video is on the up

Live and Ultra HD major factor in IP Video by 2021

66% of global broadcasters to offer UHD by 2022

Segment 3 – Sport Data and Viewing Habits
The Delicate Balance of Incorporating Player-Tracking Data Into The NBA

Two NBA Experts Pioneer A New Way To Watch Sports From The Couch

Going gray: Sports TV viewers skew older

Segment 4 – The New Foxtel and Network Ten’s troubles
Foxtel ups ante in broadcast streaming wars

Foxtel wants Australia’s biggest ISPs to block 17 pirate sites

Ten trouble: What now for the network?

NetworkTen pays for past errors, tough times

Cheerio to Presto: so how many subscribers are up for grabs – and can Foxtel persuade them to Play? Now

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